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Safety & Security Mission Statement

The mission of the Cassopolis Safety &  Security Office is to enhance the learning and working experience at Cassopolis Public Schools by protecting life, safeguarding property and maintaining order. 

We accomplish this mission by establishing a professional and trusting relationship with the people we serve, continual training of our staff and by treating everyone we encounter with dignity and respect. 

We are committed to serving our District community in a manner that meets or exceeds the highest professional standards.

Emergency Preparedness

Working closely with local first responders and the Cass County Emergency Management Department, Cassopolis Public Schools has developed a comprehensive emergency response plan. Every school in the district has a plan that covers preparation, response and recovery for emergency situations. Each school’s guide is unique to its location, building layout, and the needs of the students and staff present with plans for evacuation, sheltering in place, and reunification.

Security Measures

Cassopolis Public School has a robust state-of-the-art security system. District wide, our 150 security cameras are accessible by emergency response teams and local law enforcement. We control access to the buildings with secured entryways which are closely monitored both with intercoms and cameras. Visitors are required to check in at the front office. Two-way radios with repeater antennas throughout the village allow staff to communicate across the district even if phone lines are out.

Parent Communication

Parent/Guardian communication is vital during an emergency situation. Cassopolis Schools will communicate information the following ways:

Alerts on the website: 


SchoolMessenger Notifications:
All Parents & Guardians are automatically registered with SchoolMessenger when the registration form is completed.  Please contact your student's school to keep your phone information up to date.


Safety Drills are the foundation of emergency preparedness. Students and staff participate in safety drills annually per the guidelines required by Michigan Public Act of 2014.

See the scheduled drill reports here:
Sam Adams Elementary
Cassopolis Middle School
Cassopolis High School
Adult/Alternative Ed

Ok2Say Tip Line

Ok2Say is a confidential tip line available for anybody to submit tips about ANYTHING that threatens the safety of a student or a school.

Specially trained technicians receive the tips and filter the information to the appropriate agency to provide a timely and effective response. Information can be submitted via phone call, text, email, website or app.

Visit the OK2SAY website here:

Threat Assessment

All threats to the safety and security of the school are taken seriously whether they are made online, verbally, written down, or as a joke. The district promptly and efficiently investigates every threat with a thorough threat protocol plan.

View an overview of our Threat Assessment Plan here:
Threat Assessment Outline

Parent Tips for Emergencies

When parents become aware of a school emergency, the first instinct is to call the school or rush to pick their child up. Unfortunately, this can compromise the safety of everyone. During an emergency, school staff are fully focused on handling the situation and keeping the students safe.

Students cannot be released from designated shelters until school staff can safely monitor who is picking them up. Excessive phone calls or parents arriving at the school can interfere with emergency personnel being able to reach the school.

Parents can help during an emergency by following these helpful steps:

DO ensure that your child’s emergency contact information is accurate and current

DO confirm that you receive SchoolMessenger Notifications and contact the school if you do not.

DO monitor the school website for updates

DO keep your telephone line open

DO NOT rush to the school. Wait for instructions, there are plans in place to reunify students with families as quickly & safely as possible.

DO NOT phone the school office and use caution phoning students - students may not be able to use phones for safety reasons.

Safety & Security Staff

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Mr. Chris Bergen
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