COVID Information

Ranger Families,

Current recommendations from the CDC and MDHHS regarding COVID direct that schools manage the disease in a manner that is consistent with other communicable diseases.  In other words, encourage students and staff who are ill to stay home. 

Whether the cough, runny nose, fever, or other symptom is caused by COVID or another disease, please contact your child’s school and keep your child home.

If your child tests positive for COVID, the current CDC recommendation is that they may return to school once they are fever free for 24 hours and symptoms are improving. It is also recommended that they wear a well fitting mask for ten (10) days from the onset of symptoms. The CDC is no longer recommending that students or staff who have been exposed to COVID quarantine. Hence, we no longer have the need to conduct contact tracing.

Your cooperation in monitoring your child’s health and, in so doing, helping us to ensure the health and safety of all our children and staff is sincerely appreciated.

American Rescue Plan: Continuity of Services