Online Learning Links

Online Learning Links

The Screen Time Diet: helping your teen find balance with their tech

Cassopolis High School LMS  ECHO LOGO Cassopolis High School Echo Student Login

 Cassopolis Middle School LMS ECHO LOGO  Cassopolis Middle School Echo Student Login
Sam Adams Elementary LMS   Echo Logo Sam Adams Elementary Echo Student Login

iReady Skills Practice  iready logo iReady Math Instruction and Skills Student Login K-8

 Accelerated Reader   AR Logo AR Student Login K-6

 Exact Path  exact path logo Reading and Math Skills Instruction K-10 Student Login

 Khan Academy  khan academy Math, Science, History, Grammar K-12 Student Login

 Newsela  Newsela Reading and Writing all disciplines K-12 Student Login

 Naviance naviance  College and Career Exploration 6-12 Student Login

Code.Org Student Login K-12

 My iCEV My iCEV 
Vet Science My iCEV Student Login
 Letters Sound Drills  Letter sound image  Letter Sound Drill- Reading Practice
Amazing Educational Resources Educational Logo  Amazing Educational Resources Links

 Read Theory Read Theory  Read Theory Student Login 
 IXL Math ixl math logo   IXL Math Student Login K-12


edmentum logo  Edmentum Online Learning 7th-12th and Adult Education

Links and Free Resources

 Google Doc Image A Google Doc of Free Links and Resources
 Fluency and Fitness

Fluency and Fitness Logo

Fluency and Fitness Reading and Math K-3
Directed Drawing Videos

 Directed Drawing Videos

Directed Drawing Videos K-2
Sam Adam's Symbaloo Page

symbaloo link 

Sam Adam's Symbaloo Page K-6 Resources
Mystery Science

Mystery Science

Mystery Science Lessons K-5
Art Videos

Kennedy Center Art  Kennedy Center Art- Lunch Doodles
 Virtual Field Trips

 Virtual Field Trips  20 Virtual Field Trips Free
Math Websites  math logo  Link to Websites to Learn and Teach Math
Healthy at Home Activities action for healthy kids logo  Healthy Activities to Do at Home

NASA's Media Library


Access to NASA's Media Library

Digital Manipulatives

Digital Manipulatives Logo  Digital Manipulatives K-12

Free Math Lesson Plans

Math Lesson Plans Link  Math Lesson Plans K-8 by Standard

Storyline Online
storyline logo  Story Time- Digital Story Telling and Activity Guides


starfall logo link  Starfall Education- Kids Games K-3


Online Spanish Resources Google Doc Image  Spanish Resources for Students
 Road Trip From Home Virtual Field Trips   Virtual Field Trips
Virtual Tours: Famous Landmarks virtual tours  Virtual Tours: Famous Landmarks and National Parks of Wyoming