Parent Access Request

Schoology Parent Accounts

Family members can create a Schoology parent account to view their student's courses. You only need one parent account to view all your students. You will need a Student Access Code for each student you want to connect to your account.

Your student’s access code can be obtained from the school and your student’s teacher.

Or you may request your student’s code by filling out this form.

Once you have a student access code, visit to register a parent account.  

Note: the link is for new users only. Once you are registered, use the Cassopolis School Schoology link to log in, this link is also on the front page of our website.

Need more step by step?

  1. Visit and select Parent Sign Up

Parent account button

  1. Enter your student’s access code

Access code screenshot

  1. Complete the form with your information and select Register

Registration form screenshot

4. Select the dropdown arrow by your profile to see your student’s courses and add another access code.
View Account Screenshot